my new toy

by Peter Marus

This is my new TAO XM2Go receiver. I got this from MyRadiostore (one of the best places to get your XM stuff, just don’t use a debit card-long story). After waiting for XM to activate it, wasn’t hard to do the swap on my account, just took a bit to get the activation signal to it, I was ready to play around with it. First, the internal antenna STINKS!!!! For the most part, the signal is ok, but the signal is spotty here in Queens, but I hear that in Manhattan with the signal repeaters, dropouts aren’t that bad. I have to get the clip-on antenna to get a better signal when I walk around with it (it works, but if go under a tree or get along a building, the signal goes into hell). On the bright side, I can record XM up to 5 hours (more for the talk stations), so at night I schedule the timer on it to record one channel for 2 ½ hours, and a second channel (you can set up two recording sessions on it) back-to-back for a total of five hours to listen to when I go out and when I’m on the subway. I understand it sounds stupid as that I have a portable receiver that doesn’t work well and is almost a I-Pod, but it’s better than the Roady2 I had, and when I get the other antenna things will be MUCH better.

The new car and home kits with the TAO are great, all the antenna/stereo connectors go into the cradle and not into the TAO, which makes me feel better that there’s less chance of me ripping the connector or wire apart. I also like that the TAO is much more versatile compared to the Roady I had. Like I said, I can take it out and listen to XM, and my Roady’s input connector was screwed up and the sound sucked horribly. If you are still looking into XM, get the Myfi, either the Delphi Myfi, the Tao XM2Go (the one I got), or the Pioneer AirWare. If you get one before New Years, you get 50 bucks back from a mail-in rebate. GO TO MYRADIOSTORE!!! I got my TAO for $199, and I will be getting a $50 rebate back for it.

In other news, I haven’t gotten another assignment yet, but I think next week I should be getting something. My rep told me that the past two clients gave me rave reviews on my work, so I guess things are going well.