so far, at least they haven't gotten rid of me...

by Peter Marus

Well it’s been a while since I wrote here.  I’ve been a little busy with this nightmare of an assignment.  Monday I had to help with the creating of the board meeting literature, which really wasn’t bad since everything that was really needed was either a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, and I had to print them and piece them together with some table of contents pages and some title pages I had to make for each part.  The only hard part was actually putting the presentations together.  The worst part was I had to bind the presentations together, and the machine to make the holes for the spiral spine fucked up a lot of the pages and half of the booklets looked bad.  The morning of the meeting, I had to run back and forth to Staples and figure out what to do.  Well the CEO said to get the large-capacity report cover type things.  I get them, put the reports into them and things are over.  The CEO seemed cool about everything and was more freaked out about me being all stressed out.  

After that fiasco, he asked me in the afternoon to FedEx something for him.  The problem is I never used FedEx before.  I freaked out a bit, then called FedEx and they guided me through the whole thing, and I got the thing ready for shipping by the end of the day.  It got delivered (according to FedEx’s site).  I spent the past two days going through the FedEx site and the old emails on my computer (someone else’s emails, but I work on her computer) and eventually found the password and ID for the online shipping option.  I plan on using that now, since it’s faster and neater to do.  Friday I am supposed to send out two of these presentations to Israel, where two of the board members are.  I hope that with the online shipping program that it can help get al the paperwork done for it.  I also have to get there early to go get the bagels, coffee and all that crap for a staff meeting in the morning, and this was finally told me tonight as I was leaving.  I’m getting to the office at 8am, and the place where I’m getting the food is next door in the building, and I hope that I get everything by the 9:15 meeting.

The thing about this assignment that bugs me is that everything I need is there to do the job, but no one knows where or how it is used at their place!!! Take the FedEx thing for example.  I had to had-write the label for the shipment, but if I had the ID and password, I could have had all that done on the computer much faster and it would have been printed out ready to go much sooner.  Tomorrow should be fun, because it’s being shipped internationally, which I have no clue about.  I don’t’ know if I have to fill out more paperwork or what, but I think the online shipping program on the FedEx will help me out with that...or at least I hope.

Oh well, with the extra time I did on all this crap, I’m getting some overtime.  If they dispute it, I’ll just leave.  I have no problem just not showing up if they refuse to pay my overtime.

Other than that nothing else is gong on.  Maybe this weekend I’ll write something more about my life other than work.

Until then, later y’all!!!!