MLS Draft, Bizaro World Me, FIST PUMP!!! Rock, Rap, Lady GaGa

by Peter Marus

Got my Google Voice number all set up, and so far it's working well overall.  Still working out some kinks, but I like it.  I'll write a lot more detail on it another time, I'm going to write about my trip to Philly today.


Today I went to Philly for the MLS Superdraft.  The League actually chartered a bus for the ESC to go down there.  I tried to tweet, facebook, foursquare it for those who follow it, so look at my tweets to see what happened.  I'll give a quick synopsis of the trip:


A little over 2 hours to and from Philly already makes them a better rival. Don't get me wrong, DC and NE still are major rivals, but the trip to and from Philly is a lot nicer


The Draft was made part of the national coaches convention.  I didn't' get to go to the convention, but it looked like it is a big deal.  


Along with the ESC, the DC fans showed up, and the Philly team showed up.  They had a lot more supporters, and we made then sound like bitches, along with the usual pimp slapping of the DC fans.  Also there were some Crew, Sounder, and KC fans.  Between the NJ ESCers, and the South Jersey Philly fans fist-pumping away, I was, in what a New Yorker would say, the 5th level of Hell.'


I saw what I think is my evil Twin with the DC supporters.  He was pointed out by a couple people.  On the trip home, some called him Bizaro world Pete, where he wanted to support a winning team.  It's funny as hell as well as CREEPY AS FUCK!!  I'm glad it wasn't attempted to get us close to get a pic-either the world would have collapsed onto itself, or I would have been obligated to kill him for two reasons.  First, simply because he's a DC Supporter and second, the world can't handle two amazing good looking studs.  


Oh, and DC supporters one more thing.  Nice Volkswagen logos all over your supporter scarves, dicks.  


I have that Lady GaGa song "Bad Romance" in my head thanks to some jackass.  I'm trying not to buy the goddamn song on Itunes,  Side note: the same person, who I'll only say he needs 10 more beers, is a fascinating person.  If I didn't know who he was, I'd swear he was just another batshit crazy, possibly homeless, guys on the train.  He has a mind that has no real filter in that he will verbalize his stream of conscienceless.  Sometimes when I talk to him, I wonder what is gong through his head, but most times it scares me what possibly can be in there.  I'm almost ready to quit my job to follow him with a camera-it would be an amazing reality series.  Last time I saw the dude he was actually running home to catch the reality show "jersey Shore".  Interesting fellow who is really a kind heated fellow I enjoy hanging out with.  But then again, all in the ESC is awesome to hang out with.

 Don't ask how the song came up.  If you hung around the ESC for anytime, you would understand and in a way expect it to have came up.

Finally, I'll leave you with some videos.  Turn it up, and if you feel like it, turn over your desk cause mayhem or whatever.  I'm going to write a blog about some of the music videos out there, and how we can thank MTV for stop showing videos.  Thank them in that with no censorship, you get real, raw videos that are either amazing, or complete disasters:

he song "Forsaken" from the movie "Queen of the Damned".  It's performed here by Jonathan Davis of Korn, but the version I found on Itunes has David Draiman of Disturbed singing the vocals, which I believe is the only version released.  Anyway I like both versions, but this one I like slightly more:


Slipknot "Sulfur"



A lil Nirvana. 

First "Drain You"


"Territorial Pissings"

Now for the "Urban" readers:

Eric B. and Rakim "I ain't no Joke"

Dirt Nasty, "1980".  As you can see, Simon Rex's career has just flourished.  Have to thank the Giant Bombcast for mentioning this:

3rd Bass "The Gas Face"

Joe Pesci "Wise Guy"


Rodney Dangerfield "Rappin Rodney"