Work, losers, rant

by Peter Marus

Start of rant


It's been a few days since I wrote here.  Part of it has been due to my being sick, thanks to this awesome weather.   The temperature going up and down gave me a bad cold and my arthritis kicking up.  Also didn't' help when I went to a shoddy movie theater in Brooklyn to see "Sherlock Holmes."   WHat helped me get over it quick is simple: exercise!!! Nothing helps get the cold out of you than getting that body temperature up.  


One other factor of me not writing here is I'm too tired to.  Past several weeks I've been working 9+hours a day.  Not because I want to help the team and be a good worker, but I have to just to keep up with the volume.  Side note: the part of the team thing is total bullshit.  Sure we all stand together now, but when the shit hits the fan, we all run for cover as to not be hit by the shit.  y desk involves the claims that are assigned to me, but as well as all closed cases and whatever the guy before me had.  On top of it, I and two others who err the real workhorses at the job have to pick up the slack from the others in my section.  These are the people who either barely do their job or just clown around/flirt like a whore.  I don't get paid much more than I did when I started (I get some OT, but not a ton), yet it doesn't justify what I do.  I think there should be a pay scale where the amount my check is directly related to the amount of work I dp.  This isn't' hard to pull off since all work is done electronically so it's easy to track.  My back hurts carrying others.  It's mostly just a grind for me now at the job, where it gets hectic really quick.  it's compounded that others who don't do their job complicates mine, along with generally getting yelled for something either our of my control, or my job is not good enough for someone.  


Yeah I shouldn't complain.  I always said the employed shouldn't complain and be happy they got a job, but the employed today are somewhat justified to say they are being exploited by being made to do the work of three, while the company they work in is too damn cheap to hire help.   Funny thing: I was told no raise one day, but also threatened in same meeting.  In short-"We aren't adding people to the company, but if we have to we will hire to replace those who aren't here."  Nice to have a threat made to you as you bust your ass.


I wrote this blog entry at lunch today.  As I wrote this, I tried to think about what I enjoy doing and how I could make it into a money making career.  Only thing is I drew a blank mentally, and I just don't know.  


On top of all this, I have had to deal with some bullshit from people I know personally.  Despite what I've done for them over the years (like over 10-15 years), these ingrates decided to take things to a personal level.  Look, there's ball breaking and all that, but when someone takes things a little deeper where you think" hmm. where did that come from?"  I had to deal with this recently, but in reality there has been a pattern of this.  I asked a few people involved the first time this happened, and they gave the "Oh, sorry about that, didn't mean that personally."  Then this pattern continued, and these bitches didn't have the set to actually tell me they got a problem with me.  I would cal them out on it, but they would have not admitted to anything.  So instead of being men and talking it out, they would act like bitches and run.  


Also I noticed these people are so insecure about themselves, that when something they say is right is the only truth and what you say is wrong.  This came up with a story in the media where what they said was right, and what I said was right.  Thing is they jumped on me saying I was wrong, despite me proving to them i was also right and not saying they were wrong.  


Anyway fuck them and their high school bullshit.  Actually I should have left them there, but whatever.  I'm done with them, have severed ties with them, and hope they get the help they need to see their faults to be better humans.


End of rant.