My site's URL address

by Peter Marus

Just wanted to point out something about the web site's address.  If anyone ever notice I don't use my full first name, just the shortened one.  The reason I don't use the full name is because someone has it already, and decided to put his cute Tonka trucks on it.  Worst part is that it's a piss-poor layout, at least sub standard to my name's level, and it's not even an American who has it.  Guy who supposedly has my name is British, you know, America's lackey.  Guy also has my full name on Twitter, though I wouldn't use if I was able to get it.  Maybe I should try to lobby some sort of complaint and see if I can get both the site URL and Twitter handle.  No big deal to me since he's not American so I'm not affecting an real person's job.  Funny part is we could be related somehow, but I never met him, so I have no attachment to him.


Maybe I can get my sites above his on Google at some point.  I put more time in making my site look good and actually useful content-not random stock photos of trucks