Three Goals for 2012

by Peter Marus

I know this is late, and I was originally wasn't going to do anything like this, but I want to write what I hope for myself this year.  I won't say "resolutions", but goals for the year.  I didn't want to do something like this at first since I think these things are dumb.  The past weekend I saw someone I know and who somewhat inspires me have his goals written down what he wanted to achieve.  I figure I'd do that myself, and see if that will help me get to those goals.  There have been studies of putting a thought down somewhere helps one remember them.  So here's what my goals are:


1.  This is a real short tern goal, but get a job that pays pretty well.  I am now looking for work, applying to anyone and everyone at this point for a IT-type gig, mostly tech gig given my certifications.  I am hoping something comes to fruition.  One person gave me some temp agencies I should take a look at.  I am giving myself about a month to get the ball rolling on at least getting a job in IT.  If nothing is really happening there, I'm toni got try security work as a security guard.  At this point, my return to employment has been delayed and I need to get back into things.  Honestly, I hoped to have all this done by the end of the summer, but seeing that the organization that kept me strung along for months until it took them a whole five minutes to reject me, I couldn't look for work because of it (the program I tried to get into needed me unemployed and broke, so I stayed that way to keep myself eligible).  hindsight I should have taken the certifications class sooner and payed for them myself.  Oh well, live and learn.  The key thing is the short term goal is getting work.


2. Now my other goal is to get my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  So far that is slowly getting there.  I have advanced slightly in rank, but I am still a white belt.  I need to dedicate myself more and focus more on making sure my technique improves.  I also need to get my physical body a little better shape, more so that I can last longer in training.  


3. One other goal I have is to contract and simplify.  What I mean is that I want to get rid of some of the crap that I don't use and probably is weighing me down.  For example, I have a ton of DVDs that I never watch, or I don't have any need to watch.  I should get rid of them if I do not need them.  I also need to go around an see what else around me that I do not need.  I also did that with people lately, and decided to end communication with people that I don't need in my life or feel that they are weighing me down with their attitude and overall negativity.