The hunt for work is full of scumbags

by Peter Marus

I had an "interview" scheduled for yesterday with an insurance company for a HR position.  At least I thought that was the interview was for.  It was for an insurance company in Long Island City, so I was excited at the prospect of getting a job somewhat close to home.  I got a response to my resume from them and they told me to go to their offices the next day to meet about this position and another.  

I was looking forward to this.  I haven't had a lot of responses to my applications so the potential to get a job was exciting.  I did my usual thing and looked up the company online, which everyone should do just to get familiar to what you are walking into.  WHen I did, I saw a lot of postings about the company being a pyramid scheme and a scam.  This concerned me, but the jobs these postings were referring to were sales jobs.  After doing that something didn't sit right with me. 

I arrived at the building and was put in a room with several other people.  I asked how long will it be until I get to speak with the person I was scheduled to meet with.  I was then told he will address all of us in a bit, and this was a group interview for the first one, and if I meet what they want, I'll receive an individual one later in the week.  Again, this didn't sit well.  This reminds me of some of the other "sales" jobs I went to when I first got out of college-the "entry level" positons kids apply for that turn out to be pyramid schemes.  Part of me wanted to walk out right there.

After several minutes of waiting, a guy walks in and introduces himself.  He starts talking about the unlimited potential one would have at this job if they work hard and how great the company is.  He then starts a video talking about the pluses of the company and the earning potential one would have.  This wasn't what I am here for.  After the video he starts talking about sales and what we could get if we do well.  I raise my hand, and he tells me to put my hand down.  After he said that I proceded to ask what this has to do with an HR position that I was there to interview for.  He said there isn't one and they only have sales positions.  I said this is bullshit, and a fucked up bait and switch.  I said I was here for an HR position, not a sales position (several others were too given the reaction to me).  I said since there isn't one apparently, I'm leaving. The guy starts yelling at me about how people like me should be happy to even get a look at form a company and just take any job that comes by.  I calmly told him to take his pyramid scheme and shove it, and called him and the other employees who came into the room a bunch of scumbags, then left.

Situations like this annoy me. People are out there trying to exploit the unemployed, especially the young kids, the minorities and desperate, and try to get them into these sales jobs that require hours of extra work and no money in the end is made.  It's bullshit people have to deal with these scum.  It makes me not want to apply to jobs on craigslist, where I found their posting.