Poop, taxes, and mental issues: these are thoughts as I work

by Peter Marus

As a security guard, you get a lot of time to think about things. Things like, "how do Corgis poop? It looks like they aren't built to squat like most dogs." You know, serious stuff. Since I have not written an entry in a while, I thought of writing out a few thoughts I've had while on the clock.

-I decided to make a big move recently that could affect several relationships. Funny thing is this choice is based on a current relationship I have now. I have decided to cut ties with some people I lost all respect for.

Recent revelations that have come to light has put gasoline on some smoldering ashes. I can't further deal with, or even be in the same room with people who don't respect my choices in life. These people can't stand to see me happy (haven't been able to stand my happiness all my life), and try to cut me down behind my back, to the point where my values and choices are questioned.

If people can't respect me or people I love, fuck them they are cut off. This choice may make me look like an asshole in some peoples eyes, but those are the same people who should mind their fucking business and stay out of things.

-My life and my jiu jitsu has some parallels. Most recent one is I feel like I'm paralyzed by my mind, as well as there is a "block" where I can't move forward. Both in my life and in my game, I will start something and then freeze up due to my mind thinking so much. Or I want to start something, but can't figure out step one. It just feels I'm stagnated, despite people around me saying I'm not and I'm improving. Maybe it's just me being too hard on myself and putting myself way higher than I should be.

-Finally, I think all payroll taxes should be abolished, and all levels of government should live off what they make on sales taxes. This means a federal sales tax has to be established. How I think it should work is:

If you make $1000 a pay period, you get the full $1000 (not going to include the voluntary 401k or pension contributions in this example)

Instead of being taxes on your income, you are taxed on consumption. A 8% federal sales tax on all goods and whatever state/city sales tax would be the basis of the revenue for government.

It's a fair system: don't spend a lot?don't get taxed a lot. Spend a lot, you pay a lot back into the communities. This could also stimulate consumption of goods, hence more tax revenue.

These are things I think about.