get rid of your crutch, you pathetic losers

by Peter Marus

I'm getting tired of people screwing up in life and blaming it on something that happened to them years ago.  You know these people.  They are the ones who wallow in their own sadness because they choose not to get past something bad that happened to them.  Some of these people use some experience as a crutch to base their lives around.  It's pathetic, and cowardly that these people aren't called out on this and are allowed to screw up and hide behind something.

So what if mommy or daddy left you? So what you had an experience as a kid with an adult? So what if some woman or man scorned you in a past relationship?  You choose to let these things affect you, and let it control your life.  Some, like me, are sick of hearing how people like this need to be coddled and almost given an edge in life because of what happened to them. Hey, I was blind when I was kid and also a cripple when i was in HS.  I didn't let that get me down or make me go cry for help.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I used it as motivation to move forward in my life.  I didn't nor don't sit there saying "Woe is me, My childhood sucked because I couldn't play baseball as a kid or enjoy High School like a normal kid.  I need love and to be coddled".  I said, "fine, I got this problem, lets kick it's ass, when it's fixed move on to the next challenge".  And so I did.

I know some stuff is heavy in one's life, but you have to be stronger than the problem.  Let's stop rolling around in shit when life has us fall into it.  Rather, let's do what we are supposed to do as humans and pick ourselves, clean ourselves off and move forward.  Let's not be around people rolling in their shit, because they will try to pull others to their level.  Let's not use our problems like a crutch to lean on, but as a platform to move ourselves forward and male ourselves better.  

Otherwise, fuck you and your problems.  You are weak people and I will not waste my time trying to coddle or even enable you to hide behind them.  Hiding behind your problems is not an excuse or a license to do things to yourself or others without consequence.  To those who have problems, do something to fix them: Attend a meeting, go see a shrink, seek rehab, something to try to get past it.  Just don't get fixed and still try to use it as a reason to be your old self.