​The farce of the purity in sports.

by Peter Marus

I laugh at how some fans have some ideological idea how their team and sport should be ran.  Some say they are against the "modern" version of sports-where corporate $ comes into their league or team.  These are the fans who don't want success or to see their team evolve and grow.  These are also the people who get upset when a player for their team leaves to another.  This hypocritical attitude is comical.  So let me get this right, you can move to another company all YOU want for more money, have no qualms about it, but will lose their minds if a player for their favorite team does the same.


Those who want the romanticized way they want their sports played, keep watching kids leagues.  That's probably the only place your ideals are still present.  In the real world, sports are full of mercenaries playing for brutal sociopathic billionaires, all for the entertainment of the masses and giving the masses a sad and pathetic feeling of their primal urges nothing else gives them.