Alone at home

by Peter Marus

I"m sitting in my house alone.  Everyone else is gone for a few days.  I sit here and I am starting to really feel the ghosts of the past here.  I sit in the living room and just feel my family's history in this house.  Just before I started writing, I felt a need to talk to my mom.  I have those feelings a lot, but talking to her is a little difficult.  I look at the things in the room here and on the first floor, and it's a lot of stuff I don't want or need.  The house feels like a museum to my parents, and on some level it's a comforting thing.  But at the same time, I realize that in order to move forward with my life, I need to let go of the past in some ways.  This house needs to change, and it shouldn't feel like a continuation of what my parents had.  It's not an easy change, I dare say it's a little scary.  All change is scary, but it's both needed and inevitable.  All you can do is figure out the best solution to the change to benefit you the best.