Hot takes

by Peter Marus

 -Election is pro wrestling with the rich soap opera families fighting and voting is just the rigged "phone/text in your vote" to look like we matter, but the storyline is already been written.

-Polls are bullshit because they are created by the same media companies vying for the ad $ from the candidates.  So of course most races are too close to call.  There's no money in a blowout.

-Anyone find it funny that the anarchists at most demonstrations and rallies are usually on the socialist's side?  How does that work?

-Watching "The People vs. OJ" series on FX, and according to that show, the Dream Team were one big flaming homosexual gang.  Also Robert Kardashian was apparently a bumbling idiot always dressed to go clubbing, but my girlfriend pointed out he was Armenian, and they ALWAYS look like they are ready to hit the clubs.

-Warby Parker glasses for me.  My slow slide into Hipsterdom starts (or continues, who knows).  But all serious, I like their glasses and the price with exam wasn't bad. Now if you excuse me I need to buy a Portland Timbers jersey….

-Fuck Cancer

-Fuck Diabetes

-About 8 weeks to upgrade my job situation.  Only snag is as usual, I try to better myself, something trying to sabotage it.