Night thoughts 4/26/16

by Peter Marus

-Glad to see the victims of the Hillsborough Disaster got a level of closure today when a judge in England determined that it was the police and local authorities were at fault for the 96 deaths and hundreds of injuries when the pen where Liverpool fans were overfilled.  It led to people in the front of the terrace being crushed.  If you don't have any idea on what I"m writing about, Google it and also watch the ESPN documentary on it.  It's a sad moment in soccer, but also the moment where everything about the sport changed.  From stadium setup to how security is handled at games led to what modern games are now.  Some may miss the old days, and say the reform led to the higher ticket prices, but reading how the old days were at games this change had to happen at some point.  The whole terrace for fans idea is still viable-it's used in student sections of college football and many leagues in Europe-but the control and order of it is strictly controlled.

-I have a Mac again. I have a MacBook I got form my girlfriend for a price to help her pay for her new MacBook.  I'm still getting the rust off my mac hot keys and such, but i'm enjoying the experience.  I" also enjoying having a laptop so I have a level of mobility.

-The last couple days have been some "dark days".  I haven't been in a good spot with all the stresses in my life.  I am glad to have those who care for me around to help out.  I'm glad for my antidepressant, my Prozac, my therapy-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the crew I train with.