I want a challenge

by Peter Marus

What I am talking about is in my next job, I want to be at a job where everyone around me is at my (admittedly) high standard as far as my work and dedication to it.  I'm a damn-near perfectionist and I can admit to a level of a control freak.  I am tired of being at jobs where I have to lower my level to match the mediocrity that is around me.  It's frustrating, insulting, and just sad where people are in positions and situations at a job where they do not give their all to at the very least get the job done.  

A good leader or manager in any company is the one who sets the standard, and those who work under him/her should at least match that level. If he/she is coming into work on time or early, you should at least show up on time.  If they are hitting marks or goals, you should to.  The manager and their workers should be in a respectful competitive environment.  Not a malicious, negative, angry environment, but one where everyone is pushed to do better Not so much more, but better.  

My next job, I want something like that.