DMV, and some other random thoughts like my schedule has been

by Peter Marus

So for the past several weeks, I've been around, but not.  My job situation has had me working almost "on call", which is nice but also not nice to be honest.  It further forces me to decide if working is more important to personal matters.  Most days, I'm only told hours before a shift that I'm needed.  I have the options to say no, but its not a salary job-I don't work, I don't get paid.  One good thing is that it gives me the opportunity to work around new environments and see how other stores and companies work.  So I'll say it's a push as far as I like it or not, it's a job.  I'm always feeling the pull and press to figure out a balance of everything in my life-my mother's needs, my needs, etc.-but most people have these situations and issues, so I'm probably just sound like I'm pissing and moaning.  My schedule should be getting some stability back soon, but I'm always trying to get a better job that better fits my skills.

As far as my quest for a new job, I've felt lost a little.  I need to focus more on what exactly I want.  I've always been able to transition to different roles in different industries, but I need to at this point find something specific.  I enjoyed my last job working around the legal profession, company issues I had aside.  I may look to get into those roles.  I've been just applying to any administrative/office jobs, which is probably the worst way to do a job hunt.  I've been also trying recruiters at employment agencies, but so is everyone.  I need to figure out what to say/do to stand out as a candidate.  I thought I should try the "what I think is right, do the opposite", since apparently people say I should have gotten hired by someone easily but haven't.  Maybe I am just doing everything wrong.  Job hunting sometimes makes one question all you do  when things aren't working.  

With some of the free time I have, it's given me the chance to get some work done in my life.  One thing was getting my driver's license renewed.  I still had to the end of August to do it, but I figured I should get that done sooner rather than later.  I went to the DMV by MSG, figuring it's going to be an all day affair.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn I could go the the "DMV Xpress" a block over to get it done.  I knew of the DMV Xpress office, I did some business there regarding my old car.  I thought that place was just for license plates and other smaller services.  It was great to go there, it was almost empty, and get everything done quickly and easy.  I did spring for the "enhanced license".  It's what's probably going to be required soon for any travel.  If you don't have one, you'll need a passport for even a domestic flight (which seems to go against the "freedom of movement" thing in certain founding documents of this nation).  So after showing my SS card, passport, and proof I live in the state-and pay an extra $30 bucks-I now gave TSA and DHS more info to track me by.  DHS/TSA often feel like dealing with Tony Montana during the latter part of "Scarface", where his paranoia took control of him.  If DHS is Tony Montana, with publicl are like Manny, who would try to talk him off the edge, but feared what was going to come from the paranoia. So if you take anything from this entry, try to find a DMV Xpress and get things done easier for your automotive administrative needs.