too much stuff in life

by Peter Marus

I sit in my house, look around, and realize how much stuff I have around.  I have too much stuff!!

Life changes has me thinking of cleaning out a lot of it.  I don't need a lot of it, I have it around "just in case", and a lot is here because I never thought of getting rid of it.  I need to start clearing it out.  I kind of feel some claustrophobia having all this stuff.  Thing is I also feel a level of overwhelming thinking where to start.  

Part of me is thinking of just looking at something, and if I can't think of a legitimate reason to have it, toss it in a garbage bag.  Maybe I'll regret getting rid of something down the road, but that's the thought that has gotten me in this situation in the first place! 

I look at my house again, and see that this is the house in the family that tends to get "the dead people's stuff".  For years people die, and some of it ends up here because it's the place that has room.  Sure, some say to just hold it for a bit and we'll take it later, but they usually abandon the idea because "they couldn't make room", forget about it, or just con my family to take it.  I have no idea what actual value this stuff is, not do I really care.  It's just stuff to me, and it's taking up space.  

I can go through the whole "donate this crap to places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.", but that sounds like more work to get logistics in order, and time to make sure things are picked up.  Also, some of this stuff may not be taken by them for all I know.  I've thought also just emptying the garage, pile it up in there, and call those junk companies and pay them to take it away.  That sounds like a better idea, but a little pricy.  

The physical stuff is just that, stuff.  It's things or tools to get something done.  I have little emotional attachment to it, though some evokes emotions in me when I use them.  I think any emotional attachment is something that cause half of this crap is here.  I need to tap into my inner sociopath and just shut the emotions off and get this done.  

In a broader sense, I also have a lot of stuff in my head.  I have a lot on my mind, and it's taking up room and weighing me down.  It's a little paralyzing, and many of it in the bigger picture isn't needed.  It's also overwhelming to figure out how to get rid of the thoughts.  

Main thing to get out of all this: stop holding onto things, you run out of room.