Improvement of life

by Peter Marus

I have been working hard to better my life.  For starts, in May I married my fiancee.  We had a ceremony at the courthouse.  The reason we did it this way is that we both have schedules where we are always working.  Also, we wanted to get it done.  Her mother was in the city at that time and we decided to get married.  I was a little nervous about the reaction from people, but it was positive at least on the surface.  So now my wife and I are not improving things like the house we are in and making it into our home.  I am so happy to share my life with her and we both help each other improve....though it's more her improving me than vice versa.

There are a couple other things I'm trying to improve.  One big one is my mental health.  I realized I seem to suffer from a lot of anxiety, which leads to my mind always thinking, mostly negative thoughts.  Rather than getting a doctor to stick me onto a pharmaceutical like Xanax, I looked up and found Kava kava.  I take it and it does make my mind clearer and calmer.  My worries so far are lessened, and I find myself productive.

Another way I'm trying to improve myself is professional.  I decided to learn Salesforce and try to obtain certification in that.  I started studying and watch videos on Salesforce.  It's not as daunting as I first thought it would be, but it is a deep subject and I have a lot to learn.