I haven't been writing here, but I am writing

by Peter Marus

Think I forgot this blog? I have been neglectful, and I do apologize to the three who read this. I have been writing but for myself. It's something simple, and others probably have done it you eons, but I found out about it and it actually works.

 Ever have thoughts and ideas in your head and they sit there, taking your time and energy from you?  They affect how you act and be if they sit there.  What I do everyday is set up a note on my phone each day and write what's on my mind.  I start in the morning, and during the day if I am dwelling on a thought, I throw it on my note to clear my head.  Typing it out lets me see it, and it gets it out. I do that with ideas or things I want to do, and at night I set a reminder to bring it up on my phone and I'll read it.  It works. I feel more productive and I feel less stressed.

Try it and see how you feel after it.  A mental douche (other shit depending how you look at it) is needed and it works.  Could I put it on here rather than a note to myself? Maybe, but some of it is even more babbling and rambling as what I usually put on here.  It probably not be entertaining.