by Peter Marus

I happened to see part of that "john and Kate plus eight" disaster on TV tonight. First off, I believe the TLC channel, which this piece of garbage is on, is ran by a bunch of carneys. This show is the most popular of all the freak families shows, where they have entire litters rather than children. these are the shows where the woman couldn't have a kid naturally-probably because God didn't want the bitch to breed-and science and the parent's selfishness and greed has resulted in families of 8-15 parasites on society. I personally think any family with more than 3 children are insane and should be sterilized. Then again, I"m old school: the only people who should have huge families are Irish Catholics or those you find living in the deep south or Bronx.

Anyway back the Jon and Kate. Kate, the child cannon that is the mother role, is really a piece of garbage. She doesn't take care of the kids-she has a nanny who does the work or her husband who is the one who has to be at her beck and fucking call for whatever she wants, especially if it is for "her children" The best way I could describe her is think of what is huge on her after all these kids and you'll get exactly what type of personality she has. So all she does is talk to her husband as if HE is one of the children, and does all she can to emasculate him. In her world, he's just a wallet, not a man. Even seeing the pics of the husband form the start of their series to now, you see a man slowly dying. What happens in the end? he runs off to get a college co-ed or two...

See, here's what bothers me about this how, and as well as society. These shows are tying to emasculate men. They show this woman bitch, bitch, bitch and break down the man. this makes the rubes think it's ok to do this to their men. This is probably where women think I"m psychotic because I don't take this shit and I will put a woman in her place. Before you all think I'll hit a woman, go fuck yourself. What I mean is that when a woman gets lippy and bitches at me, I slowly get real close to her and tell how it is, and shut the fuck up and "get it."

I"m not totally rigid and hard line. I am open to negotiations, and I may let a chick get her way on a lot of things I don't see as a big deal. But when it comes to major things, like them telling me that I will be talked to when and however they want, and how there are "rules" i HAVE to abide by, thats when I have lay it down and tell them how it is with me. Some may be saying "well this is why you are single, you don't listen to the woman." Well, I'm not a child, I am a fucking adult and I will not be forced into a box. Why would I go through all that garbage? Some piece of ass that in reality is a dime-a-dozen?

Now back to Jon and the Parasite with 8 tiny parasites. SInce their marriage is seemingly going to end, YOU ALL KNOW that attention whore Kate is already getting some real shyster lawyer to force the victim in all this to pay his entire life for his kids AND that pig of a wife. She already is trying to do they pity tour to get some sympathy. If I was the dude, I'd be at at TLC getting all the raw video footage I could to show what kind of monster she is, to show the justification of him leaving her. There has to be some footage of her berating him over and over again.

I don't know why I went off like that, just sucks seeing these shows making men look like shit, especially when the guy is doing what man should do-raise a family and take care of his responsibilities-and that isn't good enough for these women...'cause they know how to get things done!!! They are strong women that need no man.

But I'm a woman hater right people?