by Peter Marus

Funniest part of my day today: I was reading the story about the Shawn Bell Case here in New York City (Look it up if you don't know what that is-I have no time to explain it again), and yesterday one of the victims testified. It was such an emotional testimony-he talked about the hail of bullets and how he feared for his life, and how the bullets flying all over the place, it was like in slow motion. Then he said as Bell was dying, his last words were “I love you” and then he died in his arms. It was powerful stuff, and one that was just pure emotion..........

Then during cross-examination, it was mentioned that the medical examiner earlier in the trial mentioned that a bullet went through Bell's throat and vocal chords, thereby making it impossible for bell to even make any noises, let alone words. Then after that fact came out, the defense just went into it with the witness, doing everything they can to discredit and agitate him out of the story that was already proven shaky and further discredit him. Look, this is a sad story overall, and the trial was already an emotional powder-keg, but when this crap goes on and theatrics are being used to try to sway a judge (who is the only one that will decide on the verdict since the Bell family, Rev. Al, and all these clowns tainted the jury pool so bad that this had to happen), I have to laugh when the defense shows that the prosecution's case is so thin and was relying on emotion and sympathy of the poor group of friends were attacked by the big bad cops, for no reason. At this point, and the defense hasn't presented their case yet, any type of conviction doesn't seem certain and really shaky.

How great is it to see Hillary Clinton is just having a meltdown in front of everyone, and Obama hasn't even attacked her. first is her bullshit story about how she was somehow under sniper fire as she was strolling down an airstrip in Bosnia on a peace mission, then comes her odd comparison between her and Rocky Balboa. She said how he didn't stop running up the Museum of Art's stairs, and she won't stop running for president. It's cute she is trying to pander to a city's icon (but as Bill Burr said once about Philly, they made a fictional White boxer an Icon, but did nothing for the real world champion who's black that lived and trained in the city), but there's a minor problem: she's using his first movie as the basis...umm last time I saw that movie he DIDN'T WIN in the movie. That's as stupid as when anyone says “remember the Alamo”. Ok, I'm a little too young to remember it, but I read about it and the US LOST at the Alamo.

On a side note, you can tell who what newspaper wants to win the election. I read the NY Daily News everyday, and I see pictures they use for each candidate. I noticed that with Obama, it's nothing great, but ones that do show him off in a somewhat good light. I cant' tell sometimes, but it's either Hillary or Jabba the Hutt in the picture. they really work hard getting the really ugly pics of her. it's either showing off her 6 chins, or she looks like she ate a lot of cheese, or she's doing a damn owl impression. McCain they really do brutalize, but they do try to make him look like a crazy old man. Look at your local paper and see what pics they use for the candidates.

OK to end this, I will eave you with some videos I found and were mentioned on the Lazlow Show on Xm radio not too long ago, and are NOT SAFE FOR WORK. First is of a guy smoking this stuff that is apparently legal called Salvia. it apparently gives you an intense high and trip for 5-10 minutes. Look at the other videos up on Youtube and maybe you will agree with me that between this and that African drug that is no more than fermented piss and shit, and you really wonder what the hell is the harm of legalizing pot or coke:

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is a preacher that used to be on TV out in LA. I am sure you all have these shows on your public access that is supposed to be serious but end up being pure entertainment and humorous. here's a couple clips of this guy, and if the Catholic Priests were this entertaining, i'd have gone to church every week:

and finally, since I mentioned Philly, i HAVE to add Bill Burr trashing a Philly audience and tells it like it is: