by Peter Marus

Here's some things I found on the net I'd like to share:

Friend of mine did an interview with the GM, who took the lazy way out and cut-and-pasted his answers from past chats/interviews/press releases. But he did go into detail about his "pro" career that no one can officially confirm if it's true

I wish I could make my blog as good as his!!!

Can the Rangers get this guy to coach?!?!?!

allegedly Jenna Bush...(NOT SAFE FOR WORK UNLESS YOU'RE LOOKING TO GET FIRED!) I don't think it's her, but still nice pics anyway!!!

Got an interview coming up next tuesday. Part time gig with Weight Watchers on the Island. Maybe I'll have to splurge for the "no fat chicks" shirt if I get the job. I also may go get retested for MS Word and Excel at a couple temp agencies. WOuldn't hurt plus gets me out of the house at the very least.