by Peter Marus

All I (and I"m sure many people) ask for from someone (especially ladies) is three things:

1. they are open and honest with me

2. they are willing to communicate with me, and not shut me out

3. willing to accept me for what I am, including all me faults

If people do this with me, I do the exact same thing....and I'm loyal and supportave of them. If they betray my trust, they are dead to me. I mention this here tonight because some people did that today (actually thie past week, I found out about this today). Usually I'd just tell them to piss off and this would be the end of it, but what happened to day was a lot like what happened to me not too long ago, and after hearing the news, I had all these flashbacks about the other time and I was in a real bad funk for the entire day. maybe a good nights sleep will help...