by Peter Marus

I had my interview with an ambulette service this afternoon, and it doesn't look good. First, the place looks like a complete mess, bnot organized at all. After having my interview the guy said that I may not have a good chance because all the other resumes he has recieved were from people with more experience. I 'm supposed to hear in a couple weeks, but I won't be sh*tting myself with woe if I don't get it, even the part-time he said I may get to "get me feet wet".

Looks like I"m back to sending out my resume to random people again, now I feel bad I didn't say I could strt immediatly at that other place, but another part of me says that being a door-to-door telemarketer working only on commission doesn't sound too appealing. But stll, a job would have been a job.