by Peter Marus

I have been enjoying my DSL service a lot. What would take hours to download now takes minutes. There‘s a wrestling company in jersey that puts their shows online, and I downloaded their show for the first time (took about 30-40 minutes to). They do a good job with their production. I’ve updated all my info on all my sites in almost no time. I also emailed new resumes to my temp agency reps so they have my new email address.

Tomorrow I have my phone interview with a client of one of my temp agency that I am up for assignment with. I don’t know what exactly this interview will consist of, but I hope to get a hold of my account rep. So I can find out about it. She sent me the script that I would use at this assignment (which is a Customer Service Rep/ Proxy Solicitor position in Lynhurst, NJ). I am not sure if it’s just a regular interview with the contact there or is it a simulation of what I would be doing there. Ether way, I hope I do well and get this gig. It’s $12/hour for at least 4 weeks (but could be indefinite). It’s not hard to get to this place, only 20 minutes from midtown via bus, and its’ 8am-4pn Monday to Friday. Cross your fingers and hope I get this…I really could use it!!!

Other than that, I’m nervous about one thing in my life that hasn’t been resolved yet. I hope to get a resolution this week, but I have now idea due to lack of communication (which is one of the issues with this thing). I hope that it turns out the most positive way it could (I don’t want to say “turns out the way I want it to be” because that could damage the other side of this). This week should be an exciting week!!!

Oh yeah RON AND FEZ ON XM 202 THIS SEPTEMBER!!! If you don’t have XM, now’s a great time to get it, a roady2 goes for $50, and the home kit goes for about $30-40, and the subscription is $12.95/month or about $145/year. Great value and great service!!!