by Peter Marus

OK I am not sure what to write tonight, but I will let you all know that today I did get my Gmail account up and running. I sent an email out to all in my address book that from now on I will be using my gmail account as my primary account. I do have my MSN one still, but I will use that less and less over time. For those who didn't get it, there's probably a good reason, but in short it's almost the same as my MSN address, but with Simple.

I will plug something I have enjoyed reading and posting. Comedian Nick Dipaolo has added a forum page to his site, which is like an extension of his internet radio show/podcast (go to to find out more about it, and look on Itunes to subscribe to his podcast). It's also a place where people pissed off with the status quo in society, and want to read/tell like it is out in this world. Go to and check it out.

that's it for tonight...sorry to disappoint you with a short post, but I am trying to post everyday to get my writing skills up.