by Peter Marus

Where do I start with this weekend....well, Saturday I got up, showered and shaved my head, and spent the morning looking for a job on the internet (I even do this on the weekends, just because.) I found a couple things to apply to, and then after doing this, I went for a walk, and it ended being about 3-4 miles. I felt like going to the mall, since I had nothing to do, so I walked. Amazed me that you don't realize how far places are when you drive to them. I drove this one street for years going to the mall, but walking it made it really put it in perspective. I get to the mall, and walked around to the different stores looking at crap I can't afford now, and then walked back. When I got home, I just hung out and played video games to keep my mind occupied. After dinner, for some reason I felt horrible, must be from all the walking and the fact that I haven't slept a lot the past couple nights. So at about 9, I decided to go online to check my email and some websites. About a half hour later, I couldn't keep myself awake, and decided to lay down after writing my last email. I get into bed and under my Penn State blanket, and next thing I know, I'm awoken by the alarm I set for Sunday morning.

Today, I went out to a brunch for my Aunt's mother-in-law's 90th birthday. I went out to my Aunt and Uncle's house on the Island, and I think myself and my father wasn't wearing a shirt with a flower pattern on it....check that, my cousin who came didn't have one either. Also, there was some drinking going on!!! I was offered many times a drink, but chose not to...don't ask why I just didn't want to drink. Well after about a half hour and most of my relatives half in the bag, we go to this brunch. We go eat at a Mediterranean buffet. At this point, I wasn't hungery, but I didn't want to insult my relatives and not eat anything. So I had some of the different chicken entrees they had out. Most of it was very good, especially this pineapple chicken they had. After several dishes of food and about 5-6 cups of coffee, I was so stuffed.

We leave the place, get back to my Aunt and Uncle's house, and then my family goes home. I didn't feel too hot since eating so much, so I chose to go for a walk. I thought it would help make me feel better. It helped a bit, but I still felt like I was about to explode. I start watching the Nascar race and started cursing like a sailor because of who was winning and he ended up winning the race. Well I was in a fowl mood and went into my kitchen....WHERE MY MOTHER WAS MAKING DINNER!!!! So I said a couple words...many that shouldn't be said around a mother. So Dinner time comes along and I was sitting at the table just hearing my stomach whimpering. I barely had one hot dog and some macaroni and cheese, in fact my dog got about 1/4 of my hot dog after my stomach started screaming "No Mas" like it was Roberto Duran.

After dinner, I Sat in my room all night watching movies. Watched "Mallrats" and Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer". And now I'm here writing this. As I write this I'm watching "Growing up Gotti". It's an...interesting show. All I can say is half of me really likes to see an Italian American Family on TV, while the other half likes to see the fact that they are playing up all the negative stereotypes to have the world laugh at them (I'm half-Italian/Half Irish, guess which half is saying what!!!)

That's all I got to say now, I"m going to go watch more TV, and I"m still pissed no sports television on my cable....I pine to watch Metrostars soccer, and they won tonight and I couldn't see it....but I got to see the Mets, though watching part of the game made me wish Ch 11 blacked out during the game