by Peter Marus

I'm going to be vague here, moreso just because I really don't want to get into what I want to say

Well the past couple days have been an intersting trip. It's also been eye-opening and educational. This was a good thing. I learned information about a subject that's been in my life for several months now, and yesterday all me questions and fears were answered and were unfounded. This lifted a huge lift off of my shoulders, and I really feel at peace. I hope this thing I've had in my life only gets better over time, since I'm sticking with it gor the long run.

I also learned who's a friend and who's not. This one guy I've known for several years through the ESC out of the blue is helping me out with my resume. I still have to figure out why he's doing it, but it's cool that he's helping me out. HOpefully this will help me out and i'll be fully employed.

How 'bout them Mets...2 wins baby!!! What do the Mets and Nationals have in common??? a whole bunch of pissed off fans waiting for their respective teams' cable stations to start up next season!!! My favorite part of the whole situation is that Time Warner (cable company that's part owner of the Met's channel and local cable company here) has their sign in the outfield, with a "We love the Mets" next to it...apparently they don't love the fans who are screwed over by their pissing contest with Cablevision (owner of MSG and Fox Sports NY, who carry most of the sports teams on cable)

I'm doubly pissed because that I can't see the Mets AND the Metros!!! I have to wait for a text message with the score for the Metros now, since I got no money for season tickets, and I don't know enough Spanish to listen to the game in WADO. Oh well, sucks to be me