by Peter Marus

SO this week was spent tweaking my resume/cover letter (thanks to a friend of mine). Also this week was spent sending emails back and forth to someone that led to one hell of of an email I go this morning. This did put a spring in my setp the entire day. Next week is me sending out my new resume to people and see of any of them call back.

Also got to see some pics of the National's matter how pretty you paint RFK, it's still a dump!!! Usually I don't care about the first month of the baseball season, mostly because the games are glorified preseason games and most players don't find their grooves until May. This season so far has the Mets (now) tearing it up!!!! they just won the 5th straight...but then again, like I said, it's only the first month, there's plenty of time for them to crush the fan's hearts!!!

eh, I"m not motivated to write anymore tonight, at least not now...I'm sure I'll add something laer, when my mind switches to psychotic negative thoughts.