by Peter Marus

Day two of the pink eye, and it seems to be getting better. it's not a puffy, and the itchiness seems to have gone down a bit, so things seem to be going my way. Just down about the whole time of year, I should be happy, but too many negatives in my life far outweight the positives....

I saw a pic of RFK Stadium today where they are renovating it for it makes me so glad to see that it's all torn up in tere and DC United has to live with it!!!!! I hope DC baseball doesn't happen, then United has to play in that dump that looks worse than it did during last season!!!

So the Yankees find a way to trump the Mets' big news.....not to mention Atlanta getting Hudson that also trumps the Mets getting Pedro. I don't know, but it feels like there's all of a sudden a trade deadline in the offseason with everything going on this week. Eh, who the hell knows...all I know is that all the big market teams are getting better, but they somehow won't end up in the playoffs this season, count on it.

Don Imus is right, how uncool is "happy holidays"? I mean, what's so hard with saying "merry Christmas", or whatever holdiay one celebrates? God forbid you would get it wrong with someone...I don't tihnk people would get up in arms if you tell a Jew "Merry Christmas", I'm sure he/she would just correct the person....if they get upset, they have too much free time to worry about BS like that. That's the problem with this country, things go well, and people have t find something stupid to get worried about and force change on the normal. Take videogames, movies, or anything that one has to suspend belief in order to enjoy. Now its like one who makes something they have to be so worried about offending even the most insignifigant group, otherwise they will comnplain to the feds, and then the fun's over for everyone else. My favorite quote that proved how ignorant these "groups" are, the guy in charge of the PTC (Parent Television commission), said of the show "Desperate Housewives"

According to Nielson, 25 million people watch Desperate Housewives. That's 10% of the population in the United States. What that means is that 90% of this country doesn't want it on the air...."

People who seriously think like this scare me, and what's scarier is that THEY HAVE POWER IN THIS COUNTRY!!! The only reason sane people aren't in charge is because they are forced to work 50 hours/week to support themselves and their famlies, they have no time to take control of this country...