by Peter Marus

This Sunday has been quite a lazy day. I was planning on going to the soccer game, but I woke up today just not in the mood. Part of my mood was that I was up half the night due to the animals that live next door to me had a party that went most of the night. I know it was an illegal one as well. How do I know this? First off the windows are all blocked and boarded up, and all day Saturday there were various deliveries of multiple cases of beer and enough ice and garbage cans that there HAD to be something illegal. What I think as far as illegal is that they were probably charging for drinks (a big no-no in private parties), and just the number of people in this party meant it had to have something wrong. Eventually I think the cops came around and shut the party down. Apparently one of the savages at this party got pissed, broke a bunch of the windows in the house, and some other damages to the house. On top of it was the various drunks pissing and throwing up in the driveway, and all the broken bottles in the driveway and in front of the house. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and although it shouldn’t bother me, the house is right next to mine, and we share a driveway, so I believe I have a right to be concerned, plus having cops around the place isn’t cool. I have nothing to hide, just hate the feeling. This is all on top of some of the issues I’ve had with these people, like how they refuse to watch their kid when he’s out in the driveway and is going into my backyard, and some other stuff like blocking the driveway and overall lack of respect. Usually they do show me respect when I show up, probably due to the shaved head and how I usually don’t say much and am direct with them with what I say.

Anyway I spent most of the day in the house cleaning, organizing, and just going through some old paperwork. I had to clean and do some of this work, but being in the house all day has had put me in a mood. Maybe just something like cabin fever or something, but I had to stay in and get some stuff done. This week is mostly getting ready for the big trip, which so far looks like I have all I need to take here, but I may have to go buy some stuff. Also this week is my birthday, which I am trying not to think about. My birthdays in the past have been either really cool or complete disasters. Hopefully it ends up being a “good” one, but as I have learned lately there are many things I cannot control, so I shouldn’t worry about those things or think about it. All I can do is be me and hopefully things will fall into place and work out.

Lesion you should take from this (If you ever take any form any or my writings)-just don’t’ worry about things you can’t control, and do the best with what you can do or have. Whatever is meant to be is to me.