by Peter Marus

First off, I am now on Twitter. It’s a thing where I, and other people can put quick status updates out to people. If anyone is familiar with Myspace’s “friends’ mood”, it’s almost like that but you can directly respond to others who follow your twitter account. If you have twitter let me know and/or add me. My name on there is pmarus78. Also added a thing on the side of this page to see what I “Tweet” from time to time.

Not long before I wrote this I received some big news. Its news that is very good and something that although is a surprise; it is welcomed as far as I am concerned. I was also offered a great opportunity and I am honored to have it offered to me. Since then, it has hit me that I have to get my shit together. This wasn’t a big bolt of lightning, since being unemployed and that my birthday has sort of put this on the front of my mind. It just made me realize that from now on I have to really get myself into a place where it elevates me to be even better. What does this mean? I am not totally sure. I just know that some of the old “rules” have to be amended. I know what I do is right, at least when it comes to me, but sometimes I look at what I have done, sometimes I can see where maybe I should have been more diplomatic, or not just dismiss people when at that moment in time that have nothing for me or at least that I have no use for them right there. Maybe if I did a couple things different things would be better.

But at the same time, I tell myself to stop fucking thinking and self-evaluating yourself. That’s all the past, and it should stay there. Remember what happened last year when some things were revisited? Why return to past incidents to try to make sense of things? Leave the past in the past and deal with what you got in front of you and work from there. Shit works out in the end, and in the end, people are in not only the place where they should be, but also where they choose to be.

Sometimes timing couldn’t be better. I get to go away for a little bit, maybe I’ll post something over the vacation, or simply write over the time out there and post it all when I get back. I can’t wait to leave here, recently I’ve felt like my skull has been in a vice, and maybe the change of scenery will help out a little. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. What the hell do I know? I do know that a couple quotes that I have been told recently have some merit:

“I don’t fail, I succeed at finding what doesn’t work.”-Christopher Titus

“Don’t treat anyone as a priority if they only make you as an option.”-unknown, but the only good thing I got out of someone recently