by Peter Marus

Been a while, so here's a couple thoughts:

-I'm so tired. I worked a lot of overtime the past couple weeks, and I”m sore as hell. I'm working Sat. working for a couple hours, and getting about 4 hours of OT. Why am I doing all this extra work you may be asking? Because they offer it, and it's all OT, and that's time and a half. I'm looking at a lot of pay next pay period, and most is going to savings, and maybe for some fun. I also got the vacation time I requested in mid August. I can't wait for my first real break in over a year from work. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my time. I believe the Thursday night and Friday of the week are more or less spoken for, but all the other days are more or less free. Maybe I”ll do some traveling, maybe I”ll just sleep...who knows I got time to figure all that out.

-My dog is going into the vet next week for surgery. It's the type of surgery where he's losing his two best friends, before he really gets acquainted with them. It's going to be a sad day when he comes home. I'm taking off the day he comes home to make sure he's ok, and also console him. He's also going to look funny with that satellite dish of a collar on him. I might just throw random treats onto the floor to see him sniff around with the collar and look like a vacuum. So the attention whore of a dog is going to be getting even more attention, and my dreams of being a dog pimp will be shattered!!!

-Sunday is Father's day. I'll be going to the sites of my father and grandfather. Sort of a bummer of a day for me but what am I going to do. I just have to live with it and move forward. Probably going to then spend the rest of the day cleaning and just making sure my mom's ok. Days like these do make her feel down, since this day is about her husband and celebrating him and all fathers. Hopefully you all take time to thank the guy who was your father or father figure in your life.

-One more thing, I saw a picture of the Mets mascot, Mr. Met. I never realized how creepy he really looks. I don't know why I am mentioning it, he just creeps me out with that stupid smile.

-And that's it, Things are going well overall. And the way things look it can only get better for me. I just need some more sleep!!