by Peter Marus

Just some random thoughts for tonight:

First, I was thinking today about something. I was thinking about how the name Jennifer or any variation of it (Jennie, Jenn, Jenna, etc.) has been VERY bad luck for me!! Usually the women with these names at first seem really great and things go well, but at some point it ends really badly (some who know me really well know the last time I went out with a girl with this name what happened in the end). So if anyone here have some stupid idea of trying to fix me up with someone (Ha!!! that was funny!!), make sure this chick doesn't have the ham Jenn or any version of it....

I read in the paper how all the urban stations in NYC are going to bow to the wishes of the two crooks Sharpton and Jackson and play music without any really offensive in other words the 10 song play-list will now be 2 songs. I doubt this is going to last long and it will be business as usual in two weeks and the double standard will remain.

Also, it was fantastic to hear Mike an the Maddog kick some ass verbally this week. They were good friends with Imus and they really didn't want to be there. They tore MSNBC and CBS a new asshole, saying how gutless they were in firing him. The best part was when they rightfully went after the cowards that turned their backs on Imus after using his show to pimp their wares. If you can get a hold of the first 20 mins of Mondays show somehow, listen to it and hear what they had to say about Tim Russert, it was justified and I wish Imus did it himself

Rangers advanced to the second round, and with what the playoffs look like this year, they may make it to the conference finals but I doubt they could make it any farther. The Mets are looking great this early in the season, but theres a long way to go, and being a Met fan for years, I've seen this happen before only to end in a complete, but fantastic clusterfuck!!!

Old habits die hard, but when they do go away, you feel much better.