by Peter Marus

ok now for part two of my blog thing. I can write this now since I am not as cranky. First Sat night went to a party in the Bronx (for some reason all the parties somehow end up there....) Anyway, I get there with my cousin, and first off I look at the décor of the place, and am amazed a gay man like the party host was would endure one minute in an apartment with the color scheme that was in it. Anyway it wasn't that bad of a place, sorta cramped what apartment in the Bronx isn't? I go to put my jacket in the bedroom, and it was an eye-opening moment. The bedroom had dark walls, but I guess that was to emphasize the pictures on the walls. All I know is that after seeing that wall, there was more cock on the walls than in the back of a Mexican's house. Many pics of David Beckham, and the guy from “Harry Potter” (the “Equis” photos). Here's the sad part...well two sad things. First, the pics o the walls I already had seen at some point (thanks to the English media who have no morals-they LOVE putting unedited pics like these in their regular news stories), and BTW I believe the Beckham pics were all least form the quick glance that I saw. The other sad part, is that my cousin only commented on the Marvel comics poster on the wall (not sure if it was to divert his eyes or he is really a geek that only saw that poster). Hey I ain't complaining, the host is a damn fine cook and if cock is what the guy wants, that's his thing.

So the party went on, and it was going well, when someone mentioned the boxing match and the idea of going to a bar to check it out. So a group of us go out and walked around the neighborhood looking for a bar showing it. No one was, and it's not really a shock, since it was a White guy against a Black guy. If there was a Hispanic in the match, every bar would have had it. So after the walk, we come back to the party. I sit on the couch and I look into the host's room, and I see my cousin and another friend using the weights, while the host of the party looked on with a look of lust. It was funny to see, and honestly I don't think either guy noticed it. Overall the party was a good time, then again anytime is a good time with these guys. This Friday is another get together and it should be just as fun.

Another couple ponderings:

-The more I listen to it, I am beginning to realize that “Life is Peachy” is probably Korn's best album out of all of their work

-Call the Giants boring all you want, but they are winning. Sucks they won't win the division, but they should be solidly in the playoffs

-On that same point, sucks CBS had to watch that shit game with the Jets and not the Pats game. BTW they say the line for the Pats/Jets game is the Pats are favored by 25. Nice to see that that parody bullshit is not in effect at this time

-Once again, a QB won the Heisman, but once again he probably won't have a good career in the NFL due to his style of play is actually fun to watch, something the NFL is against

-To all those who said the Jets would make the playoffs and the Giant's won''s that working out for ya?

that's it, that's all there is.