by Peter Marus

OK I just got home and started enjoying this thing call rest. Haven't had any at all since I woke up today. Let me go through what my day was like....

-alarm is set for 3:30am-I wake up at 3am, this is after not getting asleep until 11:30

-get up and leave the house about 4:00am

-get the train and get into work about 4:45-5:00am

-I start in my opening the pantries in my first building, trying to get it done before the milk delivery arrives, only to find that the milk crates that were supposed to be out by the elevator for pickup weren't so that was a quick scramble to find all of them in time.

-I get all the pantries open with the coffee and crap. just in time since....

-THE MILK IS HERE!!! I carry the crates of milk into the first pantry I am going to do (there are three in the first building), and my back hurts...yeah, this is going to be a fucking fun day.

-get the first pantry done and go to the second one, to find their fridge fucking disgusting. Threw out all I needed to get the milk into the fridge, if people don't like it if I threw out something of theirs...fuck them and fuck their mothers!!! Label your shit next time.

-get the last pantry done with no problem and then start my walk to me other building, which is my main building I deal with....ooh yeah, that happens to be EIGHT BLOCKS UPTOWN!! Anyone who makes the joke or even thinks the phrase “Well at least you are getting exercise”, I'll smash your goddamn skull in for making that hack fat joke!!!

-it's now about 6am when I get to my main building in Rockefeller Plaza. I have to haul ass and get all 11 pantries open before 7:30 due to two meeting setups I have to deal with.

-I somehow get the place done by 7, get the meetings setup and then I can rest now.....

-OH WAIT, MORE MILK!!! I have to take the milk for THIS building and put them in the pantry fridges.

-so I get that done (and my back is in pain), and it's now 8:30am. Gotta do a quick round in this building.

-after that is done, I gotta walk to the first building to check on that one. at this point my back and ankle was killing me

-get to the first building and the first floor to check. There was a damn pond on the counter. Seems the new water machine the company got had a faulty tank and it leaked all over. I don't need this shit.

-After cleaning that mess up and shutting off the machine and water valve, I noticed i am about 30 minutes off my usual schedule. That means some of the pantries in my main building are getting empty on coffee.

-rush through the rest of the first building and run to the other one....well, hobbling and sweating

-now 10:30, time is flying by, and I get what I need done in my pantries done. maybe I'll rest now...

-NOPE, ANOTHER MEETING SETUP, comes real early but i breeze through it.

-another round (yes, these animals in my building drink a lot of coffee), and i blow my nose and now I have a nose bleed!! that's not the only red I was seeing....this day is getting worse

-noontime, my co-worker came in and she as doing her thing, this meant less work for me

-go out to get lunch, excited of actually getting to sit down for a bit. come back, sit down, get my XM receiver out to listen to Ron and Fez, and as I start to eat, my nose bleeds AGAIN!!!!

-finally 2:00pm rolls around and I get to go home..only for this shit to start again tomorrow.

Yes my job isn't brain surgery or curing cancer, but at the same time it does suck like any other job. But at the same time it is a job and they give e benefits and all that stuff, so I get something out of it. I had a whole other blog I was going to write here, but I may do that tonight or after my nap. Too tired to write out my ideas now.