Is nothing sacred anymore??

by Peter Marus

I am so disgusted about the media today.  I go to pick up the papers today, and what do I see on the cover? A picture of Gotti Jr. praying in church.  How fucking scummy are the media that they have to go into a house of God and take pictures of a man exercising his right?  The man deserves some privacy and time to himself, but the whores that are the media have to desecrate a religious building for profit.  Now if he was a criminal and the cops wanted to get him, I have no problem if they went into church and got him (I think that should happen in any religious institution, even in Iraq if it means getting a criminal). If I were at the service and saw what was going on, I would step in and block the cameras and try to get those assholes out of the church.  I don’t agree with everything that the Gotti’s are about, but why can’t a man who hasn’t been convicted of anything be hunted down and exploited like this just because he and his family were allegedly involved with the mob.  I find it insulting how the media focuses on the alleged crimes of the Gottis, yet overlook all the community work and charity work they have done in Queens.

I blame that coward Curtis Sliwa for a lot of this.  For those who don’t know him, he’s the founder of the glorified boy scouts called the “Guardian Angels”.  They are the guys in red jackets and berets, look like a bowling team, and they walk around neighborhoods trying to act like they are some form of law.  These tough guys are also the ones who are known for beating up undercover cops posing as drug buyers in city parks in the ‘80s.  I remember these tough guys were going to not let me down one sidewalk in Downtown Manhattan (I think it was around NYU) because they didn’t think the block was safe (mind you, countless people were coming and going on the other side).  I eventually told him to try to stop me as I walked by the two geeks, one raised his hand, and I got right in his face.  It’s amazing how these so-called “tough guys” back down when challenged.

Anyway, Sliwa goes on his radio show and talks all this shit about the mob, and hides behind his microphone doing so.  He was the one the Mob allegedly tried to kill, but it hasn’t been proven in court.  Honestly, if the mob did try to kill Sliwa and were successful (remember this was all alleged, it wasn’t’ proven in court), the people of New York would probably not shed one tear if they did and was successful.  That would be one less boil media whore that won’t be sucking up airtime and air in this city.

Sorry about that rant, but I had that in me all day and it just bothered me.  I other news, I had my interview today, seemed to go ok, but I suck at judging those things.  I may find out in a week if I got the gig or not.  So far I have nothing else going on in my life, I may have some other leads about work, but who knows.  Anyway that’s all I got right now.  Until another time…..