the sun is up and so am I

by Peter Marus

I am writing this in the morning, since at night now it seems I am kept busy all hours of the night.  It’s not a bad thing that I am, just I keep forgetting to write something for here, or when I get done with what I do, I’m just too tired to even bother turning on MS Word.  I also just learned that I have to be more focused on how I write things here, since in the past week or so people are calling me out on things I’ve written on this blog.  Nothing bad, just find it funny that I am.  Don’t get what I’m writing right now?  I’ll explain it eventually.

Anyway, the job is going ok. I’m supposed to be getting more hours to put my total at a full 40, but I haven’t heard anything more about it.  I’m going to be asking about it and if I don’t hear the answer I really want to hear, my resume gets sent out to other people.  On a related note, my resume should be updated soon.  Again, I’ve been pre-occupied with a thing I do at night, and I have no clue how to write about my job on my resume.

Anyone watching the Sopranos out there?  I’m liking the season so far, especially now since all the episodes now make sense.  Usually David Chase, the writer/creator of the show, will throw out a plot line and not conclude it.  This season all the stuff that is thrown out there (whether or not it really fits into the main storylines) is resolved at some point.  I think Chase realized that he has to go back to how he used to write the show, and not what he did the past couple seasons.  I think a couple years ago, when people were really paying attention to the show, Chase saw that a lot of the major critics liked the show but not the violence.  After seeing this, Chase said to himself “well, to get these major critics to fully like me and that can make me more money, I’ll make the show more psychological and make people think.”  Well, he did that and went too far with it, almost like Chase was thinking too much about EVERY detail, and the main audience really hated him for it.   Now I think he finally found a balance of all that and the show is back to how it was several years ago.  The only other major issue is that the season now seem to come out once every 4 years…making it the “Olympics of Cable TV”

Mets are kicking ass, just thought I would mention that.  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for the wheels to come off and the Mets go back to mediocrity,