Wed night update

by Peter Marus

Hello all, it’s been a busy couple days, and tomorrow looks like to be even busier!!! I sort of like it that way, makes the time go by faster.  Oh well couple more days until the weekend, and I have no plans.  Next weekend is the real plans, but this weekend I may just stay in and sleep.

The only good out of all this is my new toy: the XBOX 360!!!!  I got it a couple weeks ago and it’s an amazing piece of hardware.  I got the full $400 one, that comes with a hard drive, wireless controller and headset for online games and chats.  I only got a couple games-NCAA 2007 and Chromehounds- for it right now, but I’m having fun overall.  Still getting used to all the assholes on online, but at least EA has a setup where the can pair you with others with the same skills.  Anyway if you wanna play or just chat, my gamertag on XBOX Live is Evilpete66.

I showed my mom and sister what they could get me for my Birthday.  I asked for a car kit for my XM/MP3 player.  This I need since the player didn’t’ come with it, and I had to use the home charging dock in my car (luckily the power requirements are the same as my old receiver, so the hook up was easy).  The car kit just makes things a LOT easier!

On a side note about XM…..I will be renewing my subscription, may even go for two years if the price isn’t bad.  That should ease the mind of some people who read this!!!

Man I feel good.  Good things are on the horizon I just feel it!!!