by Peter Marus

Some things I have realized on my birthday:

-At 28, I outlived a lot of my heroes

-This past year has been the most extreme in terms of emotions, yet it always balances out.

-Some of the most painful things I have gone through have also lead to some of the most wonderful things after the fact (my job, my mindset now, etc.)

-I’m 28, yet my body feels a lot older

-I have learned a lot about myself over this past year, but I still haven’t felt I have scratched the surface.

-I am here at this point in my life right now because of me, and nothing else

-If you took me today and me from last year, they would be almost completely different people, but one wouldn’t be any better than the other

-In the past year, I have dome a lot more growing and maturing than in any single year of my life (thought most of the growth was forced upon me, but those tests were needed to show me who I really and the possibilities of who I can become)

I think that’s all I have right now. Also, I had a good time Saturday celebrating my B-day, got a bunch of drinks forced down my throat thanks to me shooting my mouth off (but it sure as hell was funny at the time!!!). But I had fun,