by Peter Marus

2 out of three ain't bad.  I got the Lesnar and GSP picks right.  The Bisping one...boy, did I get that one wrong!!!  Overall it was a good night hanging with my cousin, his wife, and friend.  One bad thing that this event showed was that in the heavyweight and welterweight classes, there is no true challenger for Lesnar and GSP.  At this point, I'm sure that the UFC will start to focus on building up some of their fighters, which at this point is wise to do.  They are trying to do this in the Middleweight division, since Anderson Silva is tearing through the division.  Sadly UFC must throw some sacrificial lambs to these guys since they do put the asses in the seats, and they need to keep their value as the champions.  One thing I did read is that the old "Fedor to the UFC" rumor doesn't let up, but Dana White said he won't do business with the Russian Mafia.  The other Rumor is that if anyone appears in the new EA Sports MMA game, they are not going to ever be in the UFC.  Apparently this all comes from EA telling the UFC to go fuck themselves years ago.  Say what you want about Dana White, but you have to respect that he is not one to back down form his stances.


Friday night as I was getting my tattoo, I was having a conversation with the tattoo artist and his apprentice about RBNY.  One of the things we all said that there was no true #10 on this team.  For the ignorant masses out there, a #10 is to a soccer team, as to what Reggie Jackson said he was to the Yankees-the straw that stirred the drink.  The #10 is the quarterback that makes plays, distributes the ball to the scorers and also can score if needed.  After my rime in the chair and the odd talk on with these guys about tossing salads (or as the apprentice said-toasting salads) on Facebook, I thought about the soccer part.  Less you all know about the tossing salad part, the better.  


In the entire history of metro/RBNY, there have been a few guys who tried to be the #10 on the team.  Sadly I think the position/role is a cursed one.  Tab Ramos was to be that when the team started, but injuries really made him useless on top of his skill/talent was behind him at that point.  There were various other brought in after him, mostly former superstars here more for the quick paycheck, and none of them stood out for the good they did.  Amado Guevara came to the team, and he did really work well for a bit. Only thing is that his attitude and temper got the best of him sometimes and caused problems.  Youri Djorkaeff came in and was put along side Guevara at first, and when Guevara left, it was Youri's job to run the midfield.  He did well, but got hurt (which is a pattern here if you haven't noticed).  He left and since then there has been a vaccum which is one of the main problems with the team today.  There's no one in the midfield to control the pace of the game, distribute the ball, and just take control.  right now the midfield the team has now is a bunch of guys who:

Have no business on any pro roster-Dane Richards, Matt Mbuta

Guys who were brought in to work the midfield but haven't fully lived up to their potential/expectations-Jorge Rojas, Albert Celades

And guys who I like, have potential to be solid players, but need a veteran professional to learn from-Nick Zimmerman, Seth Stammler, Sinisa Ubiparapovic, Luke Sassano.

I will stop the soccer talk in this post, I'll write a huge one about the sport and related things to it this week.


Finally, I realized I need to get my eyes checked out.  Not that I can't see or anything, but I haven't done so in several years.  Plus I need new glasses soon anyway.  Thing is after I get my eyes checked and I am going to get glasses, I need someone to come with me to help pick out the right pair.  Last thing I need is to go by myself and get a set of glasses that makes me look like Mr. fucking Magoo.