by Peter Marus

I would like to thank the fine fellow for the suggestions for glasses. They seem like valid ideas. The Ricky Vaughn ones seem to have potential, and the Drew Carey line made me laugh. I do plan on drafting some help from those who have some fashion sense (something I clearly don't have if you ever see me dress). That reminds me, I have to go shopping this week, and my eyes I may have problems seeing how bright and blinking things are in the toy department, and my hearing sucks now so I hope there aren't anything TOO loud....yes my Godfather taught me well on how to do the role....

Ok enough of that. I got my tickets for both the Gold Cup quarterfinals ticket for US game in Philly, and I just get my ticket for the finals to be held in Giants Stadium. I printed them out, and I"m all set. Saturday I"m taking the train down to Philly and it will be my first trip to the Linc. By train I mean not Amtrak, but NJ Transit to Trenton and from there tale the SEPTA trains the rest of the way. It should be a fun little trip with some of the ESC down to such a classy, friendly city. US games are really fun to go to, and to me are more enjoyable than regular MLS games. By that I mean there's a higher level of passion cheering for your country, more feeling of pride seeing your national team out's just an amped up experience. If you ever get an opportunity to get to a US game, do it. You won't be dissappointed.

finally some visual treats (no not photos-working on that page and it should be live by the end of the week)

first, I don't remember this episode, but it would have been beneficial in my youth, and I think should be shared with all the youth:



next, a lession on technology:



finally, a video that always makes me laugh: