by Peter Marus

Gotta do the usual pimping I do. from Lazlow's Site:

Lazlow Show returns this Saturday @ 9pm

It's been a while since our last show. The natives are restless. Wayne is too. We've got lots of stuff to get to and some guests coming in studio. Plus an announcement to make

The Lazlow Show Episode 42
Saturday 9pm eastern
XM 202 / Sirius 197

Good news, but bad news is that UFC 100 is that night as well. I plan on having some people over for that event, so I'll have to wait for the MP3's to be put on his site next week. By the way, I can't stress how funny these guys are. Download the last show, but the entire series of shows and a shirt form his shop, just do something for the man behind all the awesome audio production in some of the most successful games out there today that isn't made by Nintendo.

As far as this site. I plan on looking around for some pics to put up. Like I said, this thing is a work in progress, so don't expect magic from the start-all 12 of you who come here.

Finally, a note that I put on my facebook page but Ithought I'd add here just to pad this entry. It's another wise statement form the Reverend Pete:

"Better sunburnt due to a woman than burnt by the skank. Though both require medication, there's no shame having sunburn"