Resume, US Hockey, Pride in one's nation, World Cup of Hockey, Oppression and the workplace, Be selfish

by Peter Marus

For those interested, I put a "bare bones" version of my resume up on my "Resume" link.  Have a look and please give me feedback.  I'd really appreciate it.  I don't as a lot of you guys, just do me this favor, please?

Yesterday I saw one of the most beautiful ice hockey games.  The Gold Medal match between the United States and Canada had everything the Olympics and the NHL wanted.  It had action, a flowing match, a High pace of action, and overtime.  On top of it, the young star the NHL wants to succeed, Canada's Sydney Crosby, scored the winning goal to cap off an amazing game.  It sucked watching the United States lose, but the US will get theirs.  It was an awesome site seeing/hearing all the Canadians sing their anthem as the flags were raised.  After the game a couple thoughts came into my mind:

First, if you were born in a country, your loyalty should be to that country no matter what.  Not this bullshit of "my family came from XXX, I support them first".  You should show some damn loyalty to the coutnry you live in and has given you all you have first. My family is from Italy and Ireland, but I'll always first support the US.  I'm not like some of the wannabe Irish or wannabe Guidos screaming for a country that they NEVER WENT TO!!!  Support your damn country, love it or leave it.
I am so tired of the ignorant assholes who call themselves Americans, and not only won't sing the national anthem, THEY DON'T KNOW THE WORDS!!!  If I were in charge of any US national team in any sport, the firs thing I would do is hand out the lyrics to the national anthem and have them sing it everyday.  If you don't or won't sing the anthem of the country you say you love, you have no spot of my team.  It sickens me when a player or athlete doesn't show the proper respect to the country they represent.  The same goes for anyone who "supports" their country.  When the national anthem is playing before an event and you are not singing, get the hell out of the section, you don't belong there.

So it was an awesome hockey tournament, and I truly hope it leads to the return of the World Cup of Hockey.  I am also getting amped for the rest of the Rangers season.

Finally, I want to point out the new meme I noticed in advertising and society in general.  I've noticed that businesses are starting to revert to the workers being in the situation like the coal miners were years ago.  What that means is that they work the worker to death, while making it almost impossible for the worker to not have a life outside of the job.  Lok at how the new modern companies have all these "super cool" ameniities like laundry service, health club, day care, and stuff like that at the job.  The mentality is that if you keep the slave at the job, they will work more.  Thing is some of these companies are also the same who clamp down on the worker doing anything online outside of work (like blocking social media sites or sites for the worker to get everyday things done).  To me, if the company wants the worker there all the time, they have to allow some "downtime".  I remember not too long ago the companies wanted the worker to work at home, so they don't have the overhead of office space, while making the workers prisoners in their own home.  That stopped after people complained this violated the sanctity of the home.  So now the workers are being made to almost live at the job.

Also while I was sick this past couple weeks, I noticed all the cold medicine ads on TV now are all set at the workplace. the idea is that they want it embedded that we have to go work no matter how sick we are, and that it's acceptable and admirable you sacrifice yourself for the better of the company.

Personally, I am trying not to fall into that trap.  As of now, I work 10 hours a day to make sure I get my work done.  I am not fully compensated for it beyond the "thanks for helping the team."  That's the key word: Team.  It's used a ton in all the memos sent to us workers.  We are a team that has to work together to obtain greatness.  They keep trying to pound that in my skull.  This was really apparent when the memo about how my company will at best give us a cost of living adjustment if we really succeed.  There was a whole paragraph about how "WE ARE A FAMILY, WE WANT TO WORK HARD TO MAKE OUR COMPANY SUCCEED, WE WANT TO BE HERE FOR A LONG CAREER.."   This to me was highly insulting.  If you want to say something, just say it, good or bad. Don't email a 2-page memo where all but three lines are propaganda or an attempt to condition your worker.

Another thing that has gotten me is how "The executive team" is monitoring the situation last week and decided to close the office.  At one point they wanted a delayed start, which I wasn't going to bother going to anyway-they don't pay me enough to fight through the snow for the better of the company.  I care about ME first.  No I in team but there is an M and an E.  

Seriously folks, it's OK to be selfish and look out for yourselves.  Don't ever think anyone else is.  You have to take care of you first, and maybe others next.  That's the lesson tonight I guess.