Social Media madness

by Peter Marus

First off,  Happy belated holidays.  I hope it is going well for you.


I spent the past couple days looking at my phone, and realized I have too many social networks.  I have, and these I can recall being a part of:








And these all don't really jive together.  I have to consolidate into a couple.  i have it set up  where I post on Google+, and at some point it is posted on twitter and Facebook.  Personally, I rather work with Google+ primarily, but it seems people are slow to join (or at least those I know).  I don't' know why, I think Google+ is the superior product.  I like Oink as well, it's like a foursquare for your stuff (like saying you like one dish at a restaurant, or product found in a store).  

Path is a new one, that promotes keeping your circle of friends on a social network small.  It limits the amount of people you can add, and it also allows you to be more open due to that (it assumes the people you put in your circle are close enough for you to be more open with them).  I like it a lot, but again, people are slow to adopt.  

Facebook is the juggernaut in all this, and its made it easy for people to just be there, rather than looking for better options.  I have a Facebook account, but I find it less and less rewarding to use.  Twitter I use a lot, and get a lot of news and info from.  With Facebook, I found a good way to freshen up a bit:  I cleared out a lot of people I "friended" on it, and made it more like Path, only people I trust and interact with are in my circle of friends.  it's help keep the static down, and a slightly better experience.

I have debated getting rid of my Facebook account and just using Twitter, Oink, Google+, and maybe Path.  But I need others I know using it more.


I ask you all a couple things

1.  please please PLEASE try the other programs I listed.  It's not Facebook, but I think these others are better.  some let you have more control and ownership of your data, and I think they are more enjoyable.

2. go through your friends lists/circles/whatever, and clear out those you don't' talk to in real life at all.  it will make any social media experience better