Time to start building a compound? the media is making me think that

by Peter Marus

The new year has begun, and it's still the same stupidity.  I was watching the news this morning, where CNN and MSNBC are probably the worst programming to watch.  MOst of the time, all I see speaking to me on both morning shows are literally horse's asses, they just look like that.  I know morning programming is supposed to have a level of superficial, light news, but what most morning news programs have are at a level of "Idiocracy" stupidity.  I will say this, at least both cable stations are somewhat upfront in that they do not like anyone that isn't Democrat.  Seeing the coverage of the Iowa Caucuses the other night showed that.  Sure they had "Republican" analysts on, but they were as Republican as any Democrat found on Fox news (as in, tokens who sold out to said networks to get the contract to appear several times a year).  


Today, the stations were praising the jobless report, as in more people are finding jobs.  They have been doing this since late November, saying more people are being hired.  Note the time I said they started praising it-around Thanksgiving.  Know who hires after Thanksgiving??? SEASONAL JOBS!!  SO I will bet you  that in the next month or two, there will be the "OH NOES!!! THE ECONOMY IS BAD AGAIN!!! PEOPLE AREN'T WORKING OR LOST THEIR JOBS!!!"-nonsense, and it won't be pointed out that the people who are filing for unemployment again are the seasonal workers who just lost their temporary gigs.  


One thing the media didn't point out over the holidays was our President, the Constitutional Scholar and Lawyer, signed a bill into action that in short takes away a lot of out civil liberties.  It allows the military to detain anyone the government decides to detain.  Now, the President said he won't use this power, but that' alike having the cat say "I won't eat that bird I just locked myself in cage with."  The fact that Democrats try to be cutsey with they tyrannical ideas really bothers me.  At least republicans are somewhat more forthright in saying they want to take my rights away.  But the best part of this is that Democrats for all this time they had the power in all branches of Government STILL got nothing done.  Most of what they Achieved were highly cut down compromises or things that have been or are going to be blocked in Federal court.  


I'm not being pro-Republican here.  I think they are a bunch of glorified used car salesmen as well.  I'm just saying don't praise one scumbag crew without looking at the scumbaggery the other has done, which is just as bad or worse than the first scumbag crew.


I saw one other piece of propaganda/guilt trip job today.  Apparently the media is pro 1% (shocking I know), but saying that the true 1% are americans and the protesters are acting like whiney babies, not being appreciative of what they have compared to other nations.  It blew my mind when I saw that and just proves how disjointed and dysfunctional this whole society here is.  


I'm starting to think the whole idea of building a compound in the middle of the woods sounds like a good Idea.  I remember living in Pa, and as much as it sucked being isolated, it also was a calming time for me.  My ideal situation is get a place in the woods, put a generator or two in in case the power went out to run the essential things like well, septic and refrigerator.  I'd stockpile on Military MREs  and water in case food supplies go short.  I would put one of those huge satellite dishes for C- and KU-band broadcasts, rather than relying on a cable provider.  I would still have to figure out Internet access, but other than that I should be set when the world goes into chaos.