Illness, DVR, Idiots, Real workers, Creeps

by Peter Marus

I'm sick, I hate my job, and I've been busy.  That's why the gap for the five people who read this


Anyway, I was home yesterday sick, using the one day I am given at the start of the year (I apparently have to "earn" the vacation/sick/personal days I am supposedly given-asenine thing to me).  It gave me an excuse to get through all the reordings on my DVR.  "An Idiot Abroad" is a funny show.  Ricky Gervais, the only funny part of the Golden Globes, and his partner take their friend who is not versed in other cultures and send him to see the seven wonders of the world.  Why?  They think it's funny to torture their friend!!  It is an amazing show, and it really shows what happens when you take someone-who is perfectly happy with how his life is going-and throw him into the world.  You get chaos, frustration, and it makes one appreciate all the experiences one has when they are thrown into the world themselves.


Also watching shows like "American Chopper", "Sons of Guns", or any show that revolves around people who use their hands, raw materials, and their minds to create amazing things.  Whats sad is society is slowly killing these people off, between killing shop classes, forcing kids onto paths they aren't comfortable with, and just making "manual" jobs look like they are below "white collar" jobs.  The closest thing I have come to a regret is not going to a tech school after High School to learn something of the blue collar world.  Seems like an honest job where you see the results of your work immediately in front of you.  


Finally before the medicine kicks in, if you think this day is special because it's national football signing day for high school seniors, you are deep down a pedophile.  I don't get it, I don't think it's needed and seeing people get off on their school getting some star kid.  With all these sports stations having live coverage of a start kid's decision, it fuels that sense of entitlement kids have now.  It blows my mind that all these people are so into where a kid goes, and no one really sees a problem.  What's sicker is shoe companies scouting 7th graders and younger, trying to get in on the ground floor before he may get big. It's downright creepy.  I've always been for kids of any sport who wants to turn pro.  He has a "skill" or "trade", and if he's of age he has a right to pursue his dream and use his skills and/or trade.  Like I said before, kids don't go to college, use their skills and usually turn out ok.  Trust me parents, if the kid's got the skills and drive, college would be a waste of time and may hinder their growth.  


I'm starting to go off the rails, so I'll end it there