Florida-day 2

by Peter Marus

It's fought down here in Florida. It was in the 60s last night, and the constant sun is almost unbearable

Ok, enough being an ass. It's been good so far down here. I spent the day at the Beach, which was refreshing. The water was cooler than what I expected, but it was a nice time. After the beach, I drove to Clearwater to see a Philly spring training game. Some may question who i went to see but let me explain:

The team is the closest to my girlfriends parents house that's NOT the Yankees
Mets train on other side of state

It was a cool experience a d beautiful stadium. Only downside were the fans. I don't get the Philly fan, I think it's an inferiority complex thing to New York, but regardless they are dicks for the most part. Especially to Twins fans who came to see their team play the Phillies. You'd think the game was at the old Vet with the attitude Philly fans were. ITS APRING FUCKING TRAINING GAMES!!! Chill out and enjoy the fame you assholes.

The pinnacle of the day was Chick-fil-a. Goddamn they make a amazing chicken sandwich!!! I wish there was one in NYC, they would get a ton of business from me.

It hit me today how old the population is in this state. I saw two people carted out of the stadium today, and wherever I was, no one under 60 served us outside a Perkins and the Chick-fil-a.

Tomorrow I do the drive to Orlando, and I hoe the flat land and heat don't cause my to drive to a pillar. I gated the trip as a kid, not really cool with it now. Granted the endpoint will be worth it.