Promotion/relegation=most exciting soccer games, This week

by Peter Marus

I know American sports fans don't understand or grasp the idea of promotion or relegation, but in Europe, the promotion and relegation battles in pro sports leagues can lead to the most exciting and best played games of the year-even better than the championship race. Watching the English league games today was a joy, and seeing teams who survived and stayed on the top league celebrate like they won the title, makes me believe that it helps makes teams that aren't doing well have games that matter when they are out of the title race. Even the lower division in pro soccer in Europe have just as compelling games.

This week is my big interview to see if I can go into the program I am trying to get into. I thought I would be nervous at this point, but I am not. I am going to go for their classes one way or another, but it would be nice to get into this program-just make it easier for me.