20 years since Molloy

by Peter Marus

I realized this past week it's been 20 years since I graduated from Archbishop Molloy HS.  It's from there I went to Penn State, had a few jobs, and ended up where I am today.  20 years is a lot of time.  I look back and as much as I could dwell on my shortfalls the led to me where I am professionally, I have realized a few things: 

-I took the bold move on going to PSU, in a school you were almost pushed to go to St. John's University (it's one of the reasons I always root against their sports teams). I grew exponentially getting out of NYC compared to those who stayed home, stayed around their friends from HS, and didn't venture out of their comfort zone. 

-My tolerance of others has grown from the 20 years.  

-The lessons and values I gained from Molloy and the teachers I had are still with me and are a basis of much of my personality.  The motto of the school is translated to be "not for school, but for life", and I realize a good school in general-education, martial arts, etc-will be able to put this phrase into reality.

-Technology has changed me.  Back then I was not mindful of the world.  I had no computer, and I was ignorant of what was possible and now that's totally different. 


Speaking of technology, my mom was moved off of chemotherapy since it wasn't working too well on her cancers.  The doctor put her on immunotherapy, a new cancer treatment just really coming out now.  It's the therapy President Carter was on to clear his cancer.  The short of it is the treatment gets your immune system active in attacking cancer.  Usually cancers tell the immune system it's not a problem, but these drugs tell the immune system "No, kill that!!".  I don't know if it will help, but reading about it and hearing about some success stories, I'm optimistic. 

i pray it works, I pray God helps her and myself get through all this and end in a better place.