by Peter Marus

I am about a couple days into my new shift and I love it. I am up at 4am, out of the house by 5, and at work by 5:45 and done with work by 2 in the afternoon. I'm home by 3 and have the rest of the day to myself. It's a great feeling to have time during the day to get whatever I need to get done and not having to put it off for the weekend. It is still a little odd leaving at 2, but that should go away soon. I also look forward to be able to do things at night that I usually wouldn't be able to. This may all sound dumb, but I'm a simple guy and simple things make me happy.

I have a question for all of you: Have you told people in your life how much they appreciate them and value them in your life? A couple weeks ago, someone close to me had something happen in her life and she called me late that night. She called to tell me what happened, and she also told me how much she is happy to have me in her life after seeing what happened. It wasn't something that had to be needed, since I already knew what she said was true-she has never lied to me, but it was nice to actually hear that from her. The reason she said it was because she learned that night that people should let others how much they value them because you never know it could be the last time you do. So I have been getting in the habit to mention to people I care for and about what they mean to me and what they give/do for me is appreciated. Most of these people don't need to hear this, they already know this, but it does make me happy to see the smile on their faces when this is said to them. I told this person how much I appreciate her and how happy that I am that she is back in my life. I didn't' actually tell her, it was in an email since she has been busy and not able to talk on the phone, but I bet I put a small smile on her face, and I look forward to tell her this in person hopefully soon.

So I ask those who read this, tell those close to you and those who you care about how much they mean in your life, and how much appreciation you have for them and what they do.

yeah, this isn't the “angry Pete” some like to read, but you know what? I haven't been really “angry” lately and I am trying to change my ways to help keep my blood pressure as low as I can, because I am not sure how much time I really have on this planet (we all don't know, it can all end tomorrow for all we know), why waste the time we all have on anger, bitterness and hatred?